MAGMA Cold-Lay Solution for Road Deterioration receives reputable HAPAS Approval

Meon are delighted to announce that their signature MMA overbanding and crack repair solution, MAGMA UltraCrack L270, has officially received HAPAS approval (Highways Authority Product Approval Scheme).

UltraCrack L270 is a cold-lay product, meaning it requires no hot works or specialised equipment, allowing for rapid response to any reactive works and added sustainability benefits.

It utilises cutting-edge MMA (methyl methacrylate) cold plastic technology, allowing for permanent cold-applied repairs that can outlast the surface itself.

“We are incredibly pleased with the HAPAS approval for UltraCrack L270,” said Ainsley Moyle, Head of Research & Development at Meon – “This recognition underscores the quality and reliability of our product and we look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions that enhance the durability and safety of our road surfaces.”

Another standout benefit of UltraCrack L270 is its rapid curing time, making it particularly ideal for use in live traffic situations, where minimising road closure time is crucial.

By effectively resisting the inflow of water, UltraCrack L270 helps to minimise damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles, significantly extending the lifespan of road surfaces and reducing the chance of further road deterioration and pot holes.

UltraCrack L270 is suitable for application on any asphalt surface, including roads and highways, pavements, airfields and train station platforms.

For more information regarding this innovative road repair solution, UltraCrack L270, see here.

To learn more about Meon and how they are challenging traditional methods of practise for more sustainable road marking & surface repair within the highways sector, see their campaign ‘Project Highways Zero’ here

(Image – Meon)

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