Working Groups

Our national and regional working groups act as forums to foster collaboration and share best practice.

Working Groups

LCRIG manages a number of national and regional working groups on behalf of its council members. These groups meet on a regular basis to share best practice. 

Learn more about each group below. 

The purpose of our Innovation Board is to serve the LCRIG Community by providing support and guidance to innovators and councils.

The Innovation Board includes representation from DfT, National Highways, RSTA, Electricity North West, Blackpool Council, NY Highways, West Sussex CC, JAG (UK), Central Bedfordshire Council, Reading Council, AIA, LCRIG and comprises experienced individuals and thought leaders who help foster a culture of creativity in order to push the boundaries of innovation.

The Highways Direct Management Group (HDMG) comprises 14 councils from across the North of England. The HDMG Group, under the Chairmanship of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, meets regularly to discuss topics including highway maintenance and efficiency, materials and plant innovation and technology, carbon reduction and skills. The purpose of the group is to share best practice and foster a collective effort to overcome challenges in highway maintenance.

The newly established Midlands Group, is chaired by Derbyshire County Council and represents 19 local authorities from across the Midlands area. The purpose of the group is to share best practice, innovation and overcome challenges through collaboration.

The North West Group (North west Highways Alliance) comprises of 8 local authorities from across the North West and has recently agreed to widen its membership to any council across the NW and Manchester area. It includes representation from DfT. The purpose of the group, under the Chairmanship of Lancashire County Council, is to identify and discuss good practice in Highways Asset Management, consider industry innovation and good practice, and ensure good practice and industry innovation are disseminated throughout the North West as well as to contribute to wider LCRIG community.

The North East Materials Group was established in 2021, and represents 14 councils from across the North East of England. Under the Chairmanship of Middlesbrough Council, the group meet regularly to exchange best practice, insights and solutions with a particular focus on highway materials and innovation.

Our South East Innovation group was established in 2020 and represents 10 local authorities from across the South East and also LCRIG. The group, under the Chairmanship of Kent County Council, meets regularly to share best practice, innovation and experiences and to foster collaboration.

Our South Central group was established in 2023 and represents 9 councils from the South and South West area. Under the Chairmanship of Oxfordshire County Council, the purpose of the group is to share experiences and best practice.

Our South West Knowledge Exchange group is chaired by Cormac Solutions Ltd and represents 13 councils from across the South West as well as a number of supply chain organisations. The group is open to all types of organisations operating within the highways and transportation sector and its purpose is to share knowledge and best practice and to overcome challenges through fostering collaboration.

*Working Group membership is only available to local authorities. Please get in touch for more information.