30 March 2020 | BY: DMS

Enfield Council launches Smart Drainage System

Enfield River Front

What was the problem?

The London Borough of Enfield had recently suffered significant flooding, including from overflowing gulleys. The Enfield Council Highways Team was determined to utilise the latest technology to tackle this issue, and to provide an optimised, threat prevention and fast-response solution.

In other words, they wanted a device that could remotely report the performance of the gullies and give them advanced notice of any potential surcharge event, be it from a blockage or hydraulic overload.

What did we do?

The Enfield Team identified a number of key, high-risk locations that had recently experienced serious flooding, causing major disruption and property damage. Sites included junctions that had been subject to ponding and residential streets where basements had been flooded.

The team then installed DMS Live Smart Gullies at all those locations, replacing existing gully grates. Upon installation, the smart grids began to regularly record and transmit data, which was displayed on an online portal (as in Figure 2 below).

What was the result?

The Enfield Highways Team are now able to monitor the status of their gullies at all their key sites. Their online portal shows them (1) the water depth under the gulley (and how that corresponds to rainfall), (2) a blockage indicator (when the slats have become clogged with detritus), (3) grid temperature (useful for gritting decision in the winter months.

The team also receives text and email alerts that are triggered when a grid is tampered with, or whenever the water level in a gulley exceeds the top of the outflow pipe. This gives them forewarning of any probable surcharge event at those locations, and allows them to react before any property damage occurs.

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DMS Live Smart Gully Blow Up

Figure 1: DMS Live Smart Gully


Figure 2: DMS Live Portal