4 August 2021 | Collaboration | BY: Roadtechs

Invitation to see Roadtechs surface extension treatment programme in action

Members of the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) are being invited by Roadtechs to join them on the 350,000m2 surface extension treatment programme in Norfolk.

Work has now commenced on what is possibly the largest surface extension treatment programme of works in the UK this year.

Roadtechs, one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist surface treatment solutions, is using Reclamite, a BBA HAPAS approved penetrative rejuvenator.

The works are being carried out on a 20km stretch of dual carriageway at the A1270, Broadland Northway (Norwich NDR) and cover a total area of 350,000m2.

Working with term maintenance contractor, Tarmac, on behalf of Norfolk County Council, the project started on 19th July and will continue to run for the next few weeks.

The specialist treatment not only reduces the carbon footprint by 90%, compared to traditional interventions, but it also offers great value in financial terms.

Roadtechs have a limited number of spaces available so if you of any of your colleagues would like to visit site to see Reclamite being installed and talk about the advantages of this unique surface extension treatment.

To find out more and arrange a convenient date, please email Trevor Thompson at [email protected].