10 June 2021 | Webinar

Using data to improve winter service delivery and asset management planning

Winter services operations play an important role in ensuring that highway networks are safe and available during adverse weather conditions.

In a period where local council highway authorities have less money to spend, but public expectation of the services they are responsible for remains high, it is necessary to ensure that any activity associated with winter is carefully managed.

At the same time councils must keep an eye on the condition of the roads they’re responsible for. Adverse weather can clearly have an impact on this so how can local authorities ensure that the data they’re gathering has a direct correlation to asset management plans?

In addition to using traditional methods to monitor weather conditions, now live data gathered from cars that are using the road network can also be used to provide key information on their condition. For example, the coefficient of friction of the road surface based on the amount of water, ice or snow on it.

This helps local authorities build a picture of the condition of their roads.

This can then help winter service practitioners because they’re being provided with real-time data – therefore helping to inform decisions over gritting schedules, salt stocks, road maintenance, etc.

LCRIG has teamed up with Gaist and Safecote to deliver an exclusive webinar entitled ‘Using data to improve winter service delivery and asset management planning’.

The event will examine the following:

  • Challenges facing winter services teams
  • New technologies for collecting data
  • Using data to inform asset management plans
  • Importance of uniting maintenance and winter teams
  • Making plans for winter

The discussion will challenge local authorities to examine the way in which they’re using data and how it can be used to inform both winter maintenance and asset management plans.

Panellists include:

  • Steve Birdsall, CEO of Gaist
  • Mark Dutton, Managing Director at Safecote
  • Björn Zachrisson, Business Development Manager Road Perception, NIRA Dynamics
  • Adrian Runacres, consultant
  • Iain McDonald, Network Resilience Manager at Transport Scotland

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