22 September 2021 | Webinar | BY: Hyperion Infrastructure Consultancy Ltd

Asset Management of Active Travel Infrastructure


Asset Management of Active Travel Infrastructure
Wednesday 13th October @ 10am

Last year saw the government publish Gear Change: A Bold Vision for Cycling and Walking which set out its plans for a “travel revolution” with the bold aim that “England will be a great walking and cycling nation” in order to reap the benefits of increased levels of active travel, which include improved health, wellbeing and air quality, climate change mitigation, carbon reduction and economic benefits. Gear Change acknowledges importance of maintenance and asset management of walking and cycling infrastructure in delivery of the benefits of active travel as one of its principles: “As Important as Building a Route Itself is Maintaining it Afterwards.”

Hyperion are pleased to be hosting this webinar that will examine the role of maintenance and asset management in promoting active travel, from both a policy and practical perspective. The session will be chaired by Sean Rooney of Oxfordshire who have been leading the way in promoting active travel through innovative approaches. Speakers will include DfT who will provide an update on developments since the publication of Gear Change, in particular progress in the creation of Active Travel England who will be responsible for assessing and funding local authority active travel infrastructure developments, and Leigh Boswell from Transport for London who will explore the practical aspects of maintaining active travel infrastructure, including skidding resistance. Andy Pickett from Hyperion and the Footways and Cycletrack Management Group (FCMG) will talk about the role of the FCMG in developing and sharing best practice and will look at how effective management and maintenance regimes can help promote active travel. The session will conclude with a panel discussion and Q&A.

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