Traffic Management Contractors Association

What we do


To represent all TMCA members and other interested parties in establishing and leading the highest industry standards in health, safety, wellbeing, social value, sustainability, innovation and technology for the installation, operation, maintenance and removal of temporary traffic management.

Key Focuses

The TMCA has 6 key focuses that align with the association’s purpose. All activities undertaken by the association shall fall into one of these focuses.

  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing – To improve the health and safety record of the
    temporary traffic management industry and work with members to achieve
    zero harm, and raise awareness and support the mental health and wellbeing
    of industry personnel.
  • Sustainability – To work with members towards net zero in the temporary
    traffic management industry.
  • Social Value – To coordinate strategies within the temporary traffic
    management industry to generate social value opportunities and support
    members’ efforts to focus on community and customers.
  • Innovation and Technology – To lead and support industry strategies, projects
    and working groups that improve the temporary traffic management industry.
  • Technical Standards – To become the primary source of technical and other
    best practice documentation that supports the industry and interested parties.
  • Support – To assist the members by coordinating and communicating current
    and future matters that effects the temporary traffic management industry.

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