The British Board of Agrément strives to provide structure in the world.

What we do

The British Board of Agrément helps the construction manufacturing market build confidence in solutions created, designed and implemented through providing structure to verify product suitability, providing credible reassurance of a product or system’s fitness for purpose, and help to mitigate risk, create accountability and drive market confidence.

Originally set up by the UK government in 1966, the BBA now trades as a private company limited by guarantee without share capital.

With extensive experience in product and materials testing, assessment and certification, having certified more than 6,000 products, it is the largest UKAS-accredited construction materials’ certification body in the UK, with an inherent drive to increase its impact on, and relevance in, the Construction and Infrastructure sector.

The British Board of Agrément offers much more than a conventional quality mark by ensuring that a product is fit for purpose and our assessment goes beyond what is mandated. We do this because we believe that product testing and certification is not limited to a single instance; it represents a whole life commitment to performance that innovates and drives change in the market. As part of the BBA’s service offering, service delivery is structured around looking at the holistic functioning of a building in situ, from product design through to production through to installation and the ongoing operational phase, delivering a complete, fit-for-purpose asset lifecycle solution.

Working in partnership with others, the BBA believes in working together with the entire industry to raise the bar when it comes to product quality, and driving safety in the built environment.<br />
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