Delivering innovation at a national level is one of the biggest challenges facing the sector. LCRIG continues to play a key role in helping to facilitate innovation through the sharing of ideas and learning through informative events and content.

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LCRIG is proud to be certified to ISO 44001, a global first for an organisation of its kind. Embracing the principles of collaborative working, LCRIG brings together the highways community to increase efficiencies, provide cost savings and improve safety for the benefit of all road users.

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Net Zero

With the roads sector under increasing pressure to adapt to improving environmental standards and meeting the expectations of government and society, including bringing all greenhouse gases to net zero by 2050, LCRIG helps members to deliver change in this area.

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Join the LCRIG community and help make the case for local roads

The Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) provides Members with a unique platform to engage with councils, the DfT and the wider highways community.

By joining LCRIG, you will connect with a group of like-minded councils, organisations and individuals, all of whom are driving change through innovation and technological advances across the local roads network.

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