InTouch is the main sponsor at Strictly Highways
We are exceptionally pleased to announce that InTouch has agreed to be the lead sponsor for our inaugural LCRIG event, Strictly Highways, taking place in Blackpool.

LCRIG was set up to bring together local authorities from across the UK to discuss best practice in highways management and maintenance, as well as how to secure more funding. Cost-saving, especially with ongoing budget cuts, is always a topic on the agenda at any local authorities conference.

InTouch has developed a cutting edge Internet of Things predictive software, called SmartWater, which enables local authorities to manage their gully assets in a more efficient and cost-saving way.

John Walden, managing director at InTouch, said: "We are delighted to be involved with the Strictly Highways event as main sponsor, and work alongside local authorities in sharing knowledge and expertise from our work in developing the SmartWater technology."

Will Britain, chairman of LCRIG, said: "We are very grateful to InTouch in coming on board as the main sponsor and supporting this new event. We're also looking forward to working alongside them, the local authorities, other associations and the media to bring together an incredibly informative two-day event."

SmartWater has been developed and refined over a number of years and is now being rolled out across the UK, and will also launch internationally.

Research found that, when inspected, around 80% of gullies are actually clean and running, meaning wasted time and unnecessary costs in running scheduled manual checks. By using SmartWater's managed service, a highways authority can be alerted when a gully requires cleansing, as well as benefiting from flood alerts.

In a Smart City demonstration project in Bristol, it has achieved savings of 35% and reduced problem gullies from 25% to 2%.

The SmartWater system is also beneficial to local authorities by providing risk-based evidence for maintenance and improvement of the gully asset. This approach is consistent with the most recent (2017) UKRLG Code of Practice for Well Managed Highways and is endorsed by the Department for Transport.

You can find out more about SmartWater at
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