XAIS Asset Management Secure Road Safety Trust Grant

Working with our partners Derby City Council and independent SCRIM and Safety consultant Dr Helen Viner, XAIS have secured a Road Safety Trust grant to complete vital research work on a road safety project which will investigate the relationship between skid resistance and collision risk.

The primary objective of the research project is to develop a ‘crash model’ that will be based upon data and characteristics of the Local Road network. This crash model will enable Local Authorities to prioritise the most appropriate skid deficient sites to undertake a more detailed site investigation, taking into account local geometry. This risk-based approach, based on sound evidence, will help authorities to secure necessary funding to improve skid resistance and to target the funds to schemes that are likely to deliver the greatest safety benefits. The newly UKPMS accredited XA© software platform, support and expertise of XAIS Asset Management and their extensive client base, will provide the tools for setting up and hosting the crash model.

For more information please contact info@xais.co.uk.


Published 12/08/2020