Wrekin Products’ Unite Evolution ductile iron D400 access cover has been named on the New Civil Engineer Awards Companies of the Year shortlist in the “Impact in Roads” category.

Unite – which has been highly successful for over a decade – is found all over the UK, including the difficult conditions of central London. It has been the manhole cover of choice for Thames Water since 2004, including bespoke covers commemorating the Fatberg in 2018 and the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ Abbey Road record in 2019.

As well as being eye-catching enough to engage the public in the importance of excellent ironwork design, Unite exceeds BS EN 124:2015 and the new DMRB CD 534 (formerly HA104/09) requirements to give the longest life, and therefore lowest life cost, of any D400 access cover on the market.

Key to Unite’s longevity is minimising seat wear between covers and frames. By successfully challenging manufacturing conventions, the range has the stiffest cover structure in its class and on top of this, seating which is less vulnerable to any movement caused by cover/grating flexing. The structure is patent protected.

As well as detailing the product innovation and listing a number of successful projects, the NCE judging panel asked for testimonials and customer quotes attesting to the quality of the product.

Simon Hunt, DMBC section engineer said: “Dudley Council, like many authorities, invests heavily in maintaining our highway network. Over recent years, we have seen an increase in the failure of both manhole covers and the variety of bedding and packing systems used.

“When investing many millions of pounds in surfacing the highway network, it would be foolish not to seek out and use the best products we can find to prolong the life of this highway. In the Wrekin Unite manhole and the UniPak bedding and packing system, we have found a product that our contractor can easily adapt to and offers the results we desire for our investment.”

Wrekin’s 80-strong team’s mission is to take industry and client issues and tackle them innovatively, producing products that solve problems, improve standards and lead the industry in product life. The winners of the NCE Awards will be announced in February 2021.

Published 12/08/2020