Wrekin creates calculator to help local authorities save money

Wrekin Products has created an online tool that helps local authorities to estimate the potential savings of using its ClickLift product.

By entering values including the bedding mortar cost and expected installation cost, potential savings for each project can be clearly viewed through the simple to use calculator.

ClickLift is a system that raises Wrekin Highway and TriStar frames to suit the final surface layer without the need for digging out and re-installing. The cover and the frame are installed at the binding layer level with the final surface pitch and camber in mind. This reduces the possibility of site damage and then, when the finished surface layer is being applied, the manhole cover can be raised with the ClickLift™ frame extender simply and quickly.

Simon Gibson, technical director at Wrekin Products, said: “We created the online calculator to make it easy for anyone to see the savings that can be made by taking a different approach to the installation of manhole covers during the early stages of a development. It can be difficult to break old habits and trial a different product on site when the traditional methods are so tried and tested, but we’re hoping this tool will demonstrate that there is a better solution out there that will save both time and money.

“Manhole cover reinstallation, with its associated disruption, damage and cost, is an issue we recognised as having a massive impact on the industry. When specifying covers for developments, we’ve also noticed that specifiers sometimes don’t consider the construction phase traffic and the impact of site vehicles on ironwork – this thinking was behind the design and development of ClickLift.”