29 November 2021 | Net Zero | BY: Milesmacadam Ltd

Works start in West Berkshire for Carbon Neutral Scheme

The Miles Macadam team are currently completing their third Carbon Neutral Surfacing Scheme of 2021.  This scheme is in partnership with VolkerHighways, West Berkshire’s Term Maintenance Contractor.

Throughout the year, West Berkshire Council have contracted Miles Macadam to install almost 32,000m² of their Reduced Carbon product, Milepave within the county. This week the last 11,148m² of the scheme is to be installed to Beedon Hill.

The company’s Carbon Neutral Schemes have proven to be of great interest to several local authorities around the UK, with West Berkshire the latest local authority to utilise the scheme in their borough,  investing in a sustainable and durable, low carbon surfacing material.

By using Miles Macadam as the surfacing agent, there will be no Indirect Emissions attributable to West Berkshire Council. The overall carbon footprint of the surfacing programme will be significantly reduced using Milepave – a low carbon, warm mix material designed to reduce carbon emissions by up to 40%.

The next stage will utilise Miles Macadam’s accredited Carbon Calculator to determine the residual carbon emissions of the programme (Milepave and the Sub-Contractors transport emissions). This will be invested into a carbon reduction project within the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Scheme, ensuring the a Net Zero status.

Jonathan Ullmer, Project Manager at VolkerHighways commented:  “We are pleased to be working with Miles Macadam to support the industry with their target for Carbon Neutrality.”

Following completion, the carbon savings from this scheme will be released, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!