30 November 2021 | Collaboration | BY: Westcotec

Westcotec gains formal approval as a subcontractor for Amey NMC SW Scotland

The Norfolk-based road safety technology firm Westcotec has been officially approved as a subcontractor for Amey NMC SW Scotland. The approval, which was granted on 10 November, allows Westcotec to bid for forthcoming vehicle-activated sign (VAS) schemes throughout Scotland.

Part of the specification is that signs are mounted on ‘raise and lower’ type lightweight aluminium poles. Westcotec’s poles, sourced through Hydro Products, make it possible to carry out maintenance work  safely, efficiently and in a cost-effective way, with no requirement for road closures or working at height. They are also 100 per cent recyclable.

Vehicle-activated signs (VAS) have been installed at various locations on Scottish roads in recent years. Drivers who are approaching crossroads or side roads which usually have a history of incidents are notified of vehicles that are either waiting to join the main road or who are turning across the carriageway to enter the side road.

An alternating display is used to illuminate a warning triangle TURNING TRAFFIC beneath when vehicles have been detected by thermal cameras creating a ‘virtual detection zone’. If an oncoming vehicle is above speed however no vehicles are present within the defined zones ahead, the display illuminates a warning triangle SLOW DOWN beneath.

Westcotec Sales Director, Olly Samways said: “We have worked with Hydro on similar schemes in other parts of the UK. I believe we now have a strong proposition for Scottish authorities, and I look forward to developing our collaboration with Hydro and Amey NMC SW Scotland in the months and years to come.”