Weekly update from the LCRIG Chief Executive, Martin Duffy

Following a recent discussion with a great friend of mine I’ve been reflecting on the importance of ‘getting the basics right’ by reminding myself that we should continue to check that our works are being delivered to the right level of quality, at the right time and in the right place whilst keeping the travelling public and our own workforce safe. If we let ourselves get distracted we run the risk of storing up issues for the future and neglecting the chance to fully support the Government campaign of Build Back Better. So despite COVID-19 the requirement to deliver a world class service hasn’t gone away, and rightly so.

On looking back at the past 6 months or so it has given me the chance to admire the role played by local highway authorities and their partners because they have been able to make the hard look ridiculously easy. To some extent its almost like they have been doing all the hard work in the shadows only to display excellence in the open giving the impression that the achievements over this time have been effortless. But just like the swan there has been much that has been hidden from the eye as the webbed feet have worked frantically beneath the water’s surface. The swan’s movement is an ideal metaphor for the expertise and excellence that has been displayed in abundance in the highways sector during these difficult times.

Finding time like this to reflect is important because it allows us to adjust the checks and balances to ensure we remain on course, so try and find a moment for yourselves.

Finally, I’d like to express a warm welcome Alec Peachy who many of you will know, who has just joined us to help LCRIG across a whole spectrum of activities as we continue to push forward.

Published 12/08/2020