Weekly update from the LCRIG Chief Executive, Martin Duffy

Its been a busy week talking to all manor of organisations who are very interested in what LCRIG is doing now and planning to do in the future. The spike in interest has largely been generated through an article that was published last week in Highways Magazine about my role in LCRIG https://www.highwaysmagazine.co.uk/The-Insider-Martin-Duffy-on-becoming-the-CEO-of-LCRIG/8468

In the article I talked about our aspirations to create a Community Interest Company, develop something of a nationwide community of innovative SMEs and our desire to improve knowledge sharing to speed up innovation and strengthen our position as the ‘go to’ organisation within the sector. Through exposure of this nature our numbers are likely to swell putting even greater pressure on Susanne and her colleagues to keep all the balls in the air. However, we do have plans in place to support this growth so there will be more news to follow.

The tender deadline for Project Amber (small pavements framework) has now closed and the first stage evaluation of the tenders is underway. The aim is for this framework to act as a showcase of what can be achieved by local authorities working collaboratively with the supply chain to achieve lower whole life costs in highway maintenance through the use of substantially non-standard treatments. As this framework will be available to all LCRIG members I see this as the first step in developing the nationwide community mentioned above and any members who wish to know more about this should contact Will Britain or Ian Large.

Finally I urge you all to keep a watching brief on the ever changing government advice regarding COVID-19 and continue to follow government advice to minimise the risk of accelerated transmission of the virus.

Published 05/08/20