Weekly update from the LCRIG Chief Executive, Martin Duffy

During this past week I have been taking some advice from Anthony Collins Solicitors on the legal implications of establishing a Community Interest Company (CIC). Whilst a CIC is not complicated, it can be quite complex simply due to the number of mandatory elements and how they cross-relate. So what I’ve learnt is that it is important to work alongside a knowledgeable and pragmatic lawyer when making such governance changes and having Anthony Collins Solicitors on board to provide that steer has been really helpful.

We’ve also started to advance some thinking around 3 of the ‘9 commitments’ that members sign up to  on joining LCRIG. In particular we are looking into ‘what’ information we share on innovations and ‘how’ we share it with the aim of only needing to trial an innovation once. Information being shared at present is often anecdotal in the form of case studies making claims about a product or technique but without any technical evidence to support the claims by backing it up with technical evidence such as SCRIM results or core test. It’s for this reason that clients will only trial products or techniques in their own authority despite it having been in use for a number of years elsewhere in the UK. This of course is very frustrating for the suppliers resulting in unnecessary costs and a slower take up of innovation than would otherwise be the case.

Therefore, sometime in the next few months we will be coming out to the membership to seek your views on how we can best facilitate this.

Published 28/07/2020