Weekly update from the LCRIG Chief Executive, Martin Duffy

I should first of all say it is encouraging to hear of a possible vaccine and see the UK opening up for business again across retail and leisure, albeit somewhat tentatively due to the continued threat that COVID-19 poses. I know that our members have continued with operations throughout and this has helped enormously from more than just an economic perspective. As the government advises on further relaxations it would be worth us reminding our friends and colleagues to remain vigilant at all times and continue to follow the guidance given.

From a progress perspective we are continuing to explore the possibilities of establishing a Community Interest Company (CIC) for LCRIG in order to provide the freedoms we seek that will allow us to take the organisation forward in a manner that continues to support our growing membership. Supporting our members is obviously central to everything we do and the creation of a CIC will greatly improve our ability to meet this objective. As with any organisational change of this scale a CIC will need to be implemented in a sensitive manner that meets all our needs and facilitates even greater levels of collaboration across the membership. In conjunction with this work we are reviewing the terms of reference and the existing business plan to ensure complete alignment of each of these strands. As these initiatives progress I’ll make sure that I share with you the key points but in the interim I would welcome any feedback you may have to help make LCRIG more effective.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to update you on the progress Blackpool Council is making on the procurement of a framework contract for small pavement works which is to be made available to all LCRIG members. Since the outset, the level of interest by ‘smaller’ companies has exceeded expectations and I’m excited by the fact that not only will you be able to use the appointed suppliers but the Council is making the contract documents available to other members so they can replicate the model in their own regions. In doing so this would provide us with the opportunity to create something of nationwide community of innovative company’s that all LCRIG members could tap in to. As each subsequent framework would be procured at different times this would have the effective of continually refreshing the innovation pool meaning no new entrant would need to wait for 4 years for the term of a single framework to expire before being able to offer its services to the members.