15th July 2020

Weekly update from the LCRIG Chief Executive, Martin Duffy

In this past week I have managed to touch base with a few of our Members but I have also been exploring the benefits of establishing a Community Interest Company (CIC) to provide a little more rigour around LCRIG governance and operations. If we create such a structure it will allow LCRIG to operate along the lines of any other limited company, being able to procure goods and services, lease offices and apply for government funding. These freedoms would be significant and such an arrangement would obviate the need to rely on individual authorities to procure certain goods or services that the whole membership could benefit from and also remove the risks placed on associated companies and individuals to lease offices and spend monies on marketing the LCRIG brand. Having an appropriate legal structure in place such as a CIC will provide LCRIG with significant freedom to identify and adapt to circumstances, potentially being able to take advantage of opportunities in a way that would otherwise not be possible. In order to create a CIC we will need to demonstrate that we are here to serve a social purpose rather than making a profit and that LCRIG has been formed in the community or wider public interest. This shouldn’t be too hard following on from the hard work already done by our President, Will, and other key contributors that have helped to position LCRIG at the centre of sharing good practice, skills, experience and knowledge across our highways community.

Through a CIC we would aim to continue to provide these services free of charge to councils, council groups, associations, academia and key organisations which we are able to do as a result of the support and commitment that we receive from the supply chain, our Associate Members, Utility Members and Consultant Members. We will continue to invest a significant proportion of the income generated from these members to facilitate communication and collaboration within the ‘highways community’ and to ease the financial pressures for the councils, council groups, associations, academia and key organisations.

I’ll aim to keep you updated on this initiative and all other LCRIG activities but in the meantime would welcome any thoughts and views our Members might have.

Published 15/07/20