8th July 2020

Weekly update from the LCRIG Chief Executive, Martin Duffy

What a whirlwind of a week. Since joining the Board meeting last Tuesday and taking on the role of CEO, my feet haven’t touched the ground and I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve not managed to look at any of the things I had planned to do, such as the formation of a Community Interest Company for LCRIG, or to review the business plan. I do have my reasons. I’m really pleased to say that I have been inundated with calls, emails and LinkedIn messages, mainly wishing me the best of luck in the new role but also wanting to find out more about LCRIG and what our future plans are.

In addition Blackpool Council launched their tender process last week looking to attract innovative SMEs to bid for small pavement works and this too is generating a great deal of interest. The 4 year framework is being made available to all LCRIG Members so they will be able to access the appointed suppliers directly or alternatively take the whole contract documentation and procure their own framework. Either way there is no charge for this through Blackpool which is a real measure of the collaboration in LCRIG.

So to say I’m excited about the future for LCRIG is an understatement as the whole team is so enthusiastic and positive about what we can collectively achieve. Here’s looking forward to the next week, the week after that, the week after that, etc, etc.

Martin Duffy

Chief Executive

Published 08/07/2020