Weekly update from LCRIG chief executive Martin Duffy

This past week will hopefully prove quite memorable in years to come as it marked the completion of our very first Peer Review for the City of York Council.

The review addressed both the Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan and the Highway Safety Inspection Plan culminating in a ‘virtual’ gathering where views were aired, knowledge shared and souls bared. I personally found the whole process uplifting, seeing senior people giving up their time to help others. It speaks volumes about the type of organisation LCRIG is.

The fact that we were able to pull together a team of nine reviewers at short notice from a number of our members is a testament to the commitment of the individuals themselves and the authority/company they represent. The team identified a series of action points for York to think about and also aspects of best practice that other local highway authorities should consider addressing in their own asset management strategies. We aim to share this learning soon.

We are planning to role the process out in due course so members are able to challenge discreet aspects of their service whether that’s their approach to asset management, how they optimise their procurements or simply how they communicate the social value of their highway networks. Should anyone have any immediate needs you might want to make contact now to explore how we might assist.