Weekly update from LCRIG chief executive Martin Duffy

The Community Interest Company (CIC) status for LCRIG has generated an awful lot of interest across the sector in this past week as I guess many are thinking what’s next? Well, there has been no time to bask in the warmth of having completed this step as it is only that – a step along the journey we have planned for LCRIG.

I’ve previously mentioned the Peer Review process that LCRIG have embarked on and we are currently in full swing with the very first review for the City of York Council. Very wisely Bill Manby at York wondered if he could tap into the wider expertise in LCRIG to offer a third party insight to his Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan. Of course LCRIG is packed with the UK’s leading practitioners in the world of asset management so we were ideally placed to offer the support Bill was looking for. We managed to pull together a really strong team of reviewers at short notice and every one of them (you know who you are) was keen to get involved and help.

In fact Will Britain only said earlier this week to the reviewers, ‘”I am extremely delighted to see that you have agreed to take part in this review as this is part of what I’ve always envisaged would be the way in which LCRIG would work, with many advocates stepping up. In local councils we don’t need to go anywhere else for advice as it exists within our sector and runs through our veins.” Never a truer word.