Weekly update from LCRIG chief executive Martin Duffy

I’m delighted to share with you that LCRIG has formally become a Community Interest Company (CIC). As you will have heard me say before this will provide similar levels of autonomy and freedoms enjoyed by any other limited company. This represents a significant first step towards providing a more comprehensive service to our members and a better level of support to the Department for Transport (DfT). Another milestone is the launch of the LCRIG Peer Review mentioned in my last post. A team of experts from member organisations have come together to undertake a review of the Highways Infrastructure Asset Management Plan for the City of York Council which will be completed during September.

It’s really encouraging to witness just how agile LCRIG is able to be by quickly adapting to a new set of circumstances or opportunity. This is a testament to the whole team and the support given by its members. Whilst agility is a fine attribute to possess we want to plan as much as possible and with this in mind we will now spend some time on developing a robust business plan for the year ahead.

You will also hear much more in the next week or so about a series of webinars we are jointly planning with the Transport Technology Forum (TTF) and Crown Commercial Service (CCS).