Weekly update from LCRIG chief executive Martin Duffy

I really am beginning to appreciate the important role that LCRIG is able to play in local government highways. Through its growing membership (public and private), strong collaborative relationships and its excellent connection with central government it is well positioned to act as a conduit to bring the whole industry together to deliver real value. In order to make the most of this position we have engaged with the Department for Transport (DfT) and Crown Commercial Services to look at combining our efforts in an attempt to maximise the industry’s approach to delivering innovation through procurement. All three parties believe we can achieve much more by combining our efforts and presenting a united front to both the public and private sector and we aim to share this approach through a series of webinars being planned for later this year.

As part of the support that LCRIG now offer to its members we have designed a Peer Review process based on the principles of those established by the Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP) a few years ago. In order to make the process yield detailed results whilst minimising resource commitments it has been designed to assess individual aspects of a local government highways service to provide guidance on best practice in use elsewhere. We have identified the first opportunity to pilot the Peer Review so I’ll hopefully be able to report on the outcome in late September.

Finally, I know that none of us are probably seeing our colleagues face to face quite so often as we did at the start of the year and whilst you might be meeting on a regular basis online things are just not the same. Perhaps we can bring some normality back by taking time to say thanks to all those us who help us to do our job.