14 July 2021 | Innovation | Net Zero

Webinar on winter services available to watch on demand

A webinar delivered by the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) in association with Gaist and Safecote that looked at how the use of data can improve winter service delivery is now available to watch on demand.

First aired on 07 July, LCRIG content director Alec Peachey chaired the event which was entitled ‘Using data to improve winter service delivery and asset management planning‘.

The event featured the following panellists:

  • Steve Birdsall, CEO of Gaist
  • Mark Dutton, Managing Director at Safecote
  • Björn Zachrisson, Business Development Manager Road Perception, NIRA Dynamics
  • Carol Valentine, Highways Project Manager, Kent County Council
  • Iain McDonald, Network Resilience Manager at Transport Scotland
  • Adrian Runacres, consultant

The Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) partnered with Gaist and Safecote to deliver the event, which challenged local authorities to examine the way in which they’re using data and how it can be used to inform both winter maintenance and asset management plans. 

If you missed the broadcast or want to watch again, you can watch it below.