17 April 2020 | BY: Clearview Intelligence Ltd

Virtual Learning Hub & 1 to 1 Remote Training

We all know we are living in uncertain times and many of us are working from home or possibly furloughed at present. At Clearview, we’ve always tried to provide resources that will help our clients and industry colleagues, not only to understand what we can do to help but also in general when it comes to road safety, road user experience and network management.

We recently put our heads together to understand what we could share that would be beneficial during this period of change. A few of our clients had already mentioned that they had “eventually had the time to read” our whitepapers or “watch a webinar” that they had had on their to do list for weeks. So, with lots of people at home and able to catch up on their personal and professional development, we quickly built our ‘Virtual Learning Hub’ which provides online learning materials through our range of webinars and short videos. The various resources vary from quick ‘tea and a biscuit’ learning videos to longer webinars of circa 30 minutes.

Follow the link to dive in as and when you have time – no login required – it is available to all! https://www.clearview-intelligence.com/virtual-learning-library

In addition to this resource, our Director of Solutions, Paul Bates, is offering one-to-one remote training sessions for our Insight platform clients, including Journey Time Monitoring (JTM), to help them maximise the use of the platform and its applications which provide data on how people are using the road networks.

Data around road network use is something we see various authorities and bodies using at present to understand people’s behaviour, the reduction in vehicles on our networks and the correlation with reduced air pollution. Traffic data has always been important for some, right now its value has increased. As and when the COVID-19 lockdown gets lifted, we all anticipate a gradual return to the ‘new normal’ and the need for traffic data will remain at the fore. In order to make sure our clients get the most from their systems, Paul is organising virtual sessions via Microsoft Teams or one of the other tools available to us all. If you haven’t heard from him yet and would like a one-to-one training session on the Insight platform, please do get in touch [email protected].

We hope everyone is staying safe and look forward to seeing you all very soon.