17 February 2022 | Training | Our Work

View from the top: Training platform survey

You may have read previous updates about the LCRIG training platform that we are currently developing, focused on providing high quality training in a cost effective manner to save the scarce resources available to local government.

Our council members have highlighted a number of challenges in relation to managing and organising training and refresher courses for staff members. The issues include finding relevant courses, having enough people to send on a course to make it cost effective, time lost waiting for course spaces locally and the time it takes to book courses and the list continues.

It is these issues and more we are looking to address.

Just this week Susanne has sent out a short survey looking for your input which should only take a couple of minutes to complete and for reference can be found here.

We are proposing that the LCRIG training platform will offer the following functionality:

Competency Framework

  • A skills matrix / competency framework database which will allow individuals and managers to plan and track training requirements in relation to specific job roles within their organisation.
  • The platform will build relevant training plans for individuals, based around a competency matrix, and provide a central place for demonstrating evidence of completed courses.
  • Individuals will have access to their own training plans, with managers being able to see the full overview of their organisation.
  • Alerts will be sent to individuals and managers when refresher courses are due.
  • Reports can be generated to highlight training requirements / skills gaps.

Training Course Database

  • Details of training courses that are relevant to the sector, including details of training location, dates, and the number of places available on the course. With the facility to book places on the course through the LCRIG platform.
  • Details of trainers, consultants and supply chain partners who can deliver training.
  • Links to apprenticeship training courses that are relevant to the sector, with a link to local training providers.
  • A library of on demand, online training materials with course suggestions based on individual’s training plans.

Virtual Training Courses

  • LCRIG will host an online conference platform which will allow training courses to be delivered virtually.
  • This can be used for training delivered by LCRIG or for use by other training providers.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey as this will help to make sure the final design will suit your needs.