11 August 2021 | Innovation | Collaboration | Our Work

View from the top: Spotlight on innovation

Just last Friday we commenced the task of seeing a whole range of companies that wanted to share with LCRIG their latest innovations. These have not come via the Innovation Fund route but via alternative means, directly to the Infrastructure Innovation Board, chaired by Ian Large.

Each company was given a 15 minute slot to share their innovation, with a panel made up from members of the Innovation Board. So in addition to myself and Ian, the panel was made up of Mark Macgarty (DfT), Paul Boss (RSTA), Ross Bullerwell (NY Highways), Dr Annette Pass (Highways England), Paul Carter (Cadent Gas) and David Capon (JAG).

I can honestly say it was one of the most enjoyable events I have participated in over my 40 years in highways.

To make sure we are sharing with the wider membership, Ian and I thought it would be useful to update you via this newsletter.


Spotlight on Coeval – they presented a fantastic idea about displaying real time air quality information implemented as part of a CAZ. They took away some ideas shared by the panel that could make this innovation even more attractive to the public sector.



Spotlight on DASHA – presented by Brian Fitzpatrick who shared how this cloud-based data hosting and aggregation service could produce a single version of the truth without the need to interrogate multiple systems and databases one by one. We were really impressed with DASHA and were pleased to hear that Brian is soon to commence more trials of this innovative system.



Spotlight on KaarbonTech – I honestly thought we were going to hear purely about gulley sensors. Couldn’t be further from the truth. They explained how Kaarbontech had developed a comprehensive asset management system to facilitate better intervention decisions concerning the complex drainage systems that local government is responsible for maintaining.


Spotlight on Saint-Gobain PAM – heir team shared with us their innovative Proteus Gully Grating aimed at providing authorities with considerable benefits and creating value in reducing their total costs of ironwork asset ownership through reductions in maintenance costs.


Spotlight on Roadfill – Chris Fallon of Roadfill described why they had started to focus on a software solution which allows for detailed analysis of highways, giving local authorities accurate live data on the UK road networks. Whilst still at the BETA testing stage, it depicts potholes, cracking, rutting and flooding to help asset managers make better decisions.


Spotlight on Eurovia – Dan Anderson and Yogesh Patel presented AVUS – Augmented Visualisation of Underground Services. The system looks very impressive and is very much focused on making sure we avoid cable and other utility strikes in the future. It is tools of this nature that we need to embrace as part of making our operations safer and digitising the highways service.

I know that the whole panel would like me to say thanks to the presenters above as it truly was a great way to spend a Friday morning.

We have sessions set up every Friday throughout August and we aim to see in the region of 50 suppliers who want to collaborate and share their ideas.

To read comments from the Chair of the Infrastructure Innovation Board, Ian Large and the companies that presented to the panel, please click here.