View from the top: Spotlight on carbon

Carbon reduction measures certainly seem to be in the spotlight just as much as Covid-19, and rightly so, even despite the ongoing pandemic.

Local authorities continue to explore what technology is available to help them plan for ‘net zero’ and there is no doubt that some, perhaps, feel they are behind the curve.

I’ve been talking to some of our associate members to ascertain how their alternative products and services can reduce carbon such as ASI who’s preservation sealer can significantly delay the onset of defects and thus the need for traditional resurfacing.

I’ve also been in discussion with one of newest associate members, Hanson. I was intrigued to learn what they are doing in this space with a number of carbon reduction measures and wanted to share some of these initiatives with all of our members. I’m therefore delighted to say the Hanson have agreed to present at our next webinar on the 3rd December on the subject of achieving sustainability in the roads sector, alongside the Department for Transport, Crown Commercial Service and Steve Smith, Assistant Director of Infrastructure at Shropshire Council, who will share his knowledge about the effects that climate change can have on our road networks.

Our Content Director, Alec, will be sharing more detail in due course but it would be worth putting the date in your diary now.