View from the top: Sharing resources

I summarised last week a number of the things we are currently working on at LCRIG and in particular how we hope to progress a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for products and materials that would be made available to all our members. Initiatives of this nature take some time to formulate as the planning stages are so fundamental to achieving the outcomes we are looking for, but rest assured we are making progress.

Along with Susanne, our Secretariat, I spoke at a CECA virtual gathering to a newly formed highways maintenance group chaired by Simon White which promises to more than fill the gaps left by the HTMA. It was like stepping into a room of old friends and I really enjoyed sharing with them our outline business plan. Simon and I have agreed to keep in regular contact which will be good for both organisations.

You will soon start to see enhancements to our website and the provision of new services to help our members by making the day job easier. We are currently looking at the concept of sharing a key resource pool covering topics like health and safety and quality management that all our members can tap into on an ad-hoc basis as these are often the areas where it is difficult to justify skilled FTEs.

In addition we believe our private sector members might benefit from the ability to access bid writing resources from one or more highly skilled individuals who may have recently retired from work, but are willing to provide this type of support. If you have any thoughts about LCRIG providing access to such resources I’d be pleased to hear from you.