View from the top: Putting LCRIG front and centre

With LCRIG moving at a real pace I sometimes find it difficult to keep track of exactly where we are up to with the likes of Peer Reviews, webinars, membership support and communications.

In order to address this, not just for me but also other members of the team, we are now getting into our stride of brief, but very regular, catch ups. I know myself and Will are always intrigued to hear from Susanne on membership growth, Charlotte on new webinars, Ian on his new Infrastructure Innovation Board, Kerry on finance, Alec on communications and Jonny on website development – yes, it’s a lot to get through! Our meeting earlier this week highlighted some great initiatives that we are currently pursuing that will put LCRIG front and centre when it comes to local authority asset data.

In order to make sure we are consistent and do the things our members want us to do we have just completed a draft set of guiding principles that will build on the original LCRIG commitments and our Articles of Association to provide us with a clear direction and terms of reference. This will be circulated to the board members this week for their input and so we would hope to be in a position of sharing this more widely some time soon. One thing I would like to share with you at this time is that we are progressing proposals that relate to a national framework for ‘LCRIG endorsed’ products and materials that we would intend to make available to all 153 local highway authorities. There will be more on this to follow.

Finally, I’m delighted to say that there are more and more instances of our members sharing information to help one another and this is particularly pleasing as this was the prime reason that Will established LCRIG back in 2013. So please, keep sharing and look to see how you can make a bigger contribution to the future success of LCRIG.