19 May 2022 | Our Work

View from the top: New guidance for LTPs

On behalf of LCRIG I’ve been participating in a group led by DfT, established to take a fresh look at the Local Transport Plan (LTP) process. The idea is to renew the focus on LTPs by publishing new guidance that will ensure Local Transport Authorities (LTAs) address relevant priorities in their own area such as decarbonisation and EV charging infrastructure. The DfT has published a timeframe for when the new LTPs will need to be in place being the Spring of 2024 so that future funding allocations can be made from 2025/6 onwards. To test the draft guidance a number of LTAs have been awarded a share of £12.5m to update their LTPs in line with the new advice.

This will be a significant step in the evolution of our networks and a real opportunity for all of us to ‘make the case for local roads’ as we demonstrate the need for investment in the highway network as a key driver of economic development. For me these changes can’t come soon enough because as the owner of an electric vehicle I face the problems of limited provision and a woefully maintained EV infrastructure. Only this week I struggled to find a charging point that worked across five different sites in one town – frustrating to say the least.

I trust you will welcome this new guidance which should be in place later this year and embrace the principles that it will contain. You needn’t wait to guess what the guidance will contain on decarbonisation and EV infrastructure as the Government has already published its Transport Decarbonisation Plan (2021) and its EV Charging Strategy in March 2022 both of which will be cross-referenced in the guide.

In the near future LCRIG aims to establish a ‘self-help’ group that will focus on how to produce a exemplary LTP which may be particularly useful for many smaller authorities who can sometimes struggle to resource this crucial activity.

So watch this space for future announcements.