10 March 2022 | Collaboration | Our Work

View from the top: Membership at our heart

We have further exciting news about the planned LCRIG Innovation Festival which I will share with you next week through this update.

As you will have gathered we are a busy organisation that provides all of its services free to local government Members, and our whole membership is at the heart of every single initiative we pursue.

We are completely aligned with DfT, so much so, that they are coming to spend valuable time with us next week over a couple of days to talk about our forward programme and how we can continue to act as a conduit between local highway authorities and DfT.

The opportunities for us to do more are limitless and every person in the LCRIG team makes a full contribution to the successes we achieve.

Following the meeting with DfT next week we will hopefully be able to confirm our full work programme for the year ahead which we will of course share with you in subsequent updates, and as ever we will encourage our Members to participate in the initiatives we will drive forward around the three LCRIG pillars of Innovation, Collaboration and Net Zero.

I shouldn’t let this update pass without mentioning International Women’s Day and what LCRIG does to support diversity in our industry. It is worth sharing that over 70% of LCRIG employees are female and are well represented at every level in our organisation, with two thirds of the Directors being female. I have every confidence when I say that every LCRIG team member is exceptional at what they do, and what they do best is collaborate. None of us work in a silo and we often reach out to help one of our colleagues when we can see they are struggling, creating one of the strongest teams I have ever worked with.

I’m proud to lead what I believe is one of the most influential, and fastest growing organisations in the highways sector today, and this role is made much easier because of the rest of the team.