8 April 2022 | Innovation | Our Work

View from the top: Making the case for local roads

As we continue to ‘make the case for local roads’ we are in constant touch with our local authority members to ensure we are aware of issues as they emerge. Whether that’s about new innovations or established products and services we generally find the answer that our members are looking for.

With its vast numbers of members, LCRIG has become something of a ‘self help group’ as the solution to many of the issues faced by local highway authorities is generally known by one or more of our members, and thankfully you are all keen to share your knowledge.

More and more I’m turning to our Associate Members, many of whom are SMEs, to help me find the right solution and I see this in a very positive light. No one group of organisations has the answer to every dilemma, but collectively we do. Having such a healthy mix of public and private sector organisations in LCRIG is great news as we often see things from a different perspective which facilitates a much better appreciation of major issues such as how to make budgets stretch further solutions last longer.

The answers are out there, you just need to ask. By sharing this information and building this knowledge we have quickly become indispensable in the highways sector in ‘making the case for local roads’.

We pride ourselves on being an open, transparent and easily accessible organisation, so I urge you to come to us and simply ask.