View from the top: Making a difference

We held our main board meeting this week where members had the opportunity to influence the future direction of LCRIG. The topics up for discussion included ISO 44001, a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), the Infrastructure Innovation Board, social value and the traffic signal maintenance fund.

Great progress had been made against each initiative and it was clearly evident that LCRIG is making a real difference in the sector. By August this year we hope to be the first organisation of our type to achieve certification to the international standard, ISO 44001, which will represent a global first and this will be no small achievement.

The DPS is creating exceptional levels of interest across our members and later this week we have been asked to present our approach to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. Some of our progressive members have put themselves forward to be part of a new social value group and this will undoubtedly show leadership about how to maximise social value through construction. Finally Darren Capes led an encouraging discussion about the traffic signal maintenance fund and you will hear more from him in due course.

I don’t believe there is any question about the significant influence that LCRIG is having on local government highways and I would like you all to be part of this. Please consider putting yourself forward to work with us to progress the DPS or social value, or indeed any other of our initiatives in order to influence future direction. Simply being a passenger on the journey will not be as rewarding. Just drop me an email… it’s that simple. I can be reached at