24 November 2021 | Collaboration | Environment | Our Work

View from the top: Looking ahead to 2022

Firstly I should say thank you to all those who took the time to provide me with some feedback based on my update last week about the development of a national DPS. Whilst it is proving to be challenging as we peel back more layers, I am starting to see our way through the woods.

I’m going to look to engage with a number of members, possibly on a one-to-one basis early in the new year to make sure the design of the DPS will satisfy the majority – the 80/20 rule as this will be the most productive way to get the DPS to market, so please engage where you can.

On another matter, COP26 is now over, but the ramifications of the discussions and agreements in Glasgow will last for generations and it will affect every one of us in both home and work life.

Net zero is a topic that I seem to be in discussion about every day, and rightly so. Over the past few weeks I have been talking with Alec (our Content Director), who takes lead responsibility for climate change on our main board, about the contribution that LCRIG can make to this agenda. We really want to help the practitioners understand what physical steps they can take to reduce carbon in the world of highways maintenance by providing pragmatic advice to the leaders who are directly involved in delivering this service.

As Net Zero is one of our three pillars in LCRIG, we are going to run a series of webinars during the course of 2022 covering carbon reduction in fleet, materials, asset management and street lighting so I hope you will all be keen to take part. In addition we are being given the opportunity to ask a few questions about climate change in the well respected ALARM survey delivered through the Asphalt Industry Alliance that will go out to local authorities in the new year.

The one thing we don’t want to do, is to sit back and let others do all the hard work, we would rather be in the vanguard as opposed to being a laggard and will therefore be looking to work alongside other industry bodies to help solve this common problem.

Early next year you will hear more from Alec about the programme of webinars and how you can get involved, but if you have any immediate views I’d be more than happy to hear from you now.