5 August 2021 | Our Work

View from the top: LCRIG training project

For those of you who haven’t yet listened to the fascinating discussion between Paula Claytonsmith and Jason Sprague about the future of rural roads, tune in here:


They addressed the value of effective transport and the future of autonomy and what that means to us now and in years to come. Rural roads are an asset to our communities, comprising over 85% of the road network, and they need not cost the Earth to maintain. Autonomous transport can bring efficiencies and inform a lower cost of ownership around the world!

We also held the second meeting this week chaired by the Fund Manager (Dave Grunwell) for the LCRIG/Steve Berry Think Exceptional Innovation Fund sponsored by WJ. Martin Webb of WJ, Ian Large (Chair of the LCRIG Innovation Board), Dave Grunwell and myself discussed the relative merits of the submissions that had been made so far in order to produce a shortlist for a ‘Teams’ interview and these companies will be informed early next week.

Another key event this week was a meeting of the main board of LCRIG where we covered all the activities that we are involved with. We debated the further developments of the DPS and also spent some valuable time discussing a paper that had been brought forward by Kerry Winstanley on the challenges faced by local authorities on accessing relevant training for highways personnel. Will Britain has always been a strong advocate of the need to do something different on this front and now the Board has agreed a vision to provide co-ordinated access to sector relevant, affordable training to the highways sector, ensuring that the right training is delivered at the right time. This will assist the industry to fill the skills gap at all levels and help to ensure the sector has a robust succession plan in place. By working at the heart of local authorities, there are three main areas where LCRIG can add value, address the issues with the current situation and differentiate LCRIG’s offering from other training providers. It is suggested that these are split into three projects consisting of an LCRIG Training Platform, an LCRIG Accreditation Programme and a mechanism to Influence future apprenticeship and training course content.

We aim to engage the membership to help us design each element, so keep an eye out for updates. So come forward and participate on the DPS, the Innovation Fund and/or our new training project – its much more enjoyable being a player as opposed to a spectator.