15th October 2020

View from the top: LCRIG goes global

We often talk about the need to share more information and learning between local highway authorities in order to achieve greater consistency and a better standard of service.

There is no doubt that some are better than others when it comes to collaborating by demonstrating a willingness to openly share information and the same can be said of the private sector. As you know LCRIG has been established in order to bring the ‘highways community’ together to encourage and facilitate collaboration and innovation to ultimately improve road asset management.

Whilst I know we are building a strong reputation for this here in the UK, I didn’t know that our reputation was reaching other parts of the globe. Local highway authorities in Australia have a different operating model than we do here and they are wanting to learn more about the concept of collaborating with the private sector. A series of webinars are being set up across Australia and LCRIG have been asked to participate by sharing the UK perspective on operating models, highways maintenance innovations and techniques we use to manage our assets.

The learning will of course be two-way and I’ll expect to take as much from them as they will do from me. The webinars will run over the next few months so I’ll provide updates as appropriate.

Should any of you have any key messages you believe I should be sharing with our Australian friends then please let me know.