6 July 2023 | Innovation | Our Work

View from the top: LCRIG goes from Strength to Strength

My update this week could be about nothing other than the LCRIG Innovation Festival that we held this week at Newark Showground. There was much sharing of news and progress of three of our key initiatives being:

  • Last years innovation winners/this years innovation competition;
  • Launch of the LCRIG Innovation Procurement System (IPS), and;
  • Progress we are making in developing new skills through training in the highways sector.

There was so much more debated in the presentation theatre and all around the exhibitions and live demonstrations. It was fantastic to welcome back old friends but also many new ones as our numbers swelled and the space increased to accommodate some 80 exhibitors, 225 public sector representatives and over 600 delegates in all.

The LCRIG team has already been talking about things we might tweak for next year as we see this as continual improvement. We would also welcome the views of any delegate who was present this year.

As part of our succession planning to support our growth plans, I’ve now moved into the role of Chair and Paula has stepped up into the role of CEO which I know she will absolutely smash. It really has been an honour for me to be in this role for the past 3 years following that memorable conversation so well planned out by Susanne and Will B, whom I thank for the trust they must have had in me. I must admit, it brings a wry smile to my face when I think back just over 3 years when LCRIG was managed, administered and delivered by the anchor points of Susanne, Charlotte and Will – how did they do it!!

But now, its onwards and upwards as we strengthen our position within the sector under our new governance arrangements which are supported by our Advisory Board Members, Regional Boards and of course our Innovation Board chaired by Ian Large.

There is no doubt, as a Body, we are becoming more influential in the sector and we will continue to positively influence things with pragmatic solutions that support our whole membership.