20 January 2022 | Collaboration | Our Work

View from the top: LCRIG DPS progress

Towards the end of last week Susanne issued an email to all local highway authorities concerning the development of our DPS. So far we have held a number of consultation meetings with representatives from councils and from the supply chain to enable us to ascertain what their requirements would be for the DPS but the aim of Susanne’s email is to widen the opportunity to contribute further by asking all councils (members and non-members) to complete a small LCRIG DPS questionnaire.

She carefully selected representatives within all councils from a wide range of job titles / specialisms as we hoped this would highlight the needs and requirements from many different perspectives. If this request hasn’t reached you and you would like to contribute please just get in touch.

The aim of the DPS is to remove many of the hurdles that exist in accessing innovation and items that are currently difficult to procure through existing frameworks and routes to market. In short, we hope this will be a ‘game changer’ by;

• Encouraging faster adoption of innovation which will contribute to reducing service delivery costs, extending the asset life or improving technology.
• Including a category for items that are not covered through existing frameworks and which offer better value.
• Speeding up the purchasing process compared to traditional frameworks.

As ever, please get in touch with any views.