16 September 2021 | Training | Innovation | Collaboration | Net Zero | Our Work

View from the top: LCRIG awarded funding

I’m delighted to share with you some great news concerning our plans to develop a new training platform for the highways sector. The Rees Jeffreys Road Fund has allocated a sum of money to LCRIG which we will now use to speed up the process and design a solution that is fit for purpose.

The project has been developed following consultation with council members and it aims to address some of the issues they are currently facing which include;

• There are currently many different training providers offering a wide range of courses however, training offered is fragmented with ad hoc methods used to book training.
• There are currently no long-term relationships with training providers and providers have no forecast of demand or where to target resources.
• Booking delegates on a course usually involves a lot of effort in finding the right course and finding a location where the training can take place with the right number of delegates. This results in wasted time and missed opportunities to fill spaces on courses.
• Apprenticeship and graduate programmes providing a rounded education no longer exist in the format that they had done in earlier years.

To address these challenges we aim to provide local authorities with co-ordinated access to sector relevant, affordable training, ensuring that the right training is delivered at the right time and assist in filling the current skills gap at all levels to ensure the highways sector has a robust succession plan in place.

We hope to introduce an accreditation framework which would be hosted on the training platform with the route to the required training coming through the person’s job title. When a job title is searched, the platform will apply the requirements from the Competency Framework, producing a list of courses on the accreditation framework and the locations for these courses.

When the courses are attended, this would be tracked through the platform against the delegates contact record so that the completion of the accreditation is captured. It will also log CPD hours.

Our proposal is a new concept with potential to make substantial improvements for the sector.