10th December 2020

View from the top: Knowledge sharing

I can honestly say that this week has been one of my most exciting weeks since joining LCRIG.

Not just because of a superb LCRIG hosted webinar on the subject of climate change or the fact that we have seen more new members joining and even more innovations being brought forward. But because we are really starting to feel the benefits emerge from all the effort that has been expended over the past six months or so.

Our progress meeting earlier this week witnessed a culmination of our efforts in our endeavour to take LCRIG on to the next level. Firstly we have drafted a ‘user guide’ for the recently procured Project Amber that takes local highway authorities on a step-by-step journey of how to freely access the appointed SMEs or alternatively to push ahead and procure their own SME framework using the free to access contract documentation used for Project Amber.

This guide has been produced at the request of members and there are clear signs that both options will be extensively used by other local highway authorities. Secondly we are starting to benefit from the governance arrangements defined in our Articles of Association which were drafted as part of the requirement to become a Community Interest Company a few months ago. These governance arrangements have helped us to put in place a structure that covers all English authorities that will provide clear lines of communication to facilitate a more comprehensive engagement from all members which is part of our core business plan. However, we haven’t stopped there. Discussions are taking us north of the border so expect more news on this in the weeks and months ahead.

And finally, we have completed a number of proposals that will create a much stronger alignment with DfT and detailed discussions will start in earnest next week on how to drive these forward. Expect to see more about this in the coming weeks.

I should finish by congratulating Alec on his professionalism in managing the LCRIG led webinars, which I said earlier are proving to be a great success and demand for future events of this nature is high. Nor should I forget to congratulate Charlotte who coordinates the smaller supplier webinars, an incredible average of one per day, that generally promote a company’s own expertise to widen their reach into all our members.

This type of knowledge sharing has been a corner stone for LCRIG and will remain to be so in the months and years ahead.