3 March 2022 | Innovation | Our Work

View from the top: Innovation Festival to break new ground

We have been firming up on details concerning our planned Innovation Festival and I’m delighted to share these early plans with you in this update.

We have a choice of a couple of superb venues, both in middle England, and a final decision is likely to be taken sometime next week . We will have space for approximately 40 organisations to exhibit/demonstrate their latest innovation in one of the following categories for which we will invite sponsorship: Surface Treatments, Health and Safety, Messaging and Customer Journey, Tools and Equipment, Carbon Reduction, Green Estate, Retro-reflectivity and Drainage. We will invite every council Member (83 no.) to bring along 2 front line personnel along with a senior decision maker who has the power to authorise new innovative approaches in their authority.

If every council accepts this invite we would end up with circa 250 attendees from local government. These attendees will review each of the innovations being presented and score each one against a set of predefined criteria. As a result of this there will be a winner in each category.

The aim will be to fund trials for the winners across a number of local authorities, some of whom have already come forward and suggested match funding an award from LCRIG.

We are expecting a high take up from our local authority members as its not that often they get the chance to expose their front-line workers to so many innovations. Furthermore, the event which will be held over 2 days in early July will be totally free of charge for our LA members with overnight accommodation at local hotels and food included – festival style!

An event of this nature has never been arranged in our sector, so I’m delighted to say that LCRIG is breaking new ground once again.

Announcements will be made over the coming weeks with details of the venue, sponsorship opportunities and how to register innovations in each category. For any immediate enquires please contact LCRIG Secretariat ,Susanne Ingham, at [email protected].