26th November 2020

View from the top: Infrastructure is key

We’ve had some great news in the past couple of weeks concerning the production of a vaccine that promises to bring us closer to the eradication of Covid-19. And only yesterday (25 November) Rishi Sunak announced a £4 billion levelling up fund for infrastructure projects to support the Build Back Better campaign.
Whilst the longer-term payback implications are not yet fully appreciated nor precisely what this new fund might mean for individual local authorities, we must get on with the job in hand of making sure our road networks remain fit for purpose providing safe and efficient links for pedestrians, cyclist and vehicular traffic.
Last week I mentioned that we had just produced some guiding principles for LCRIG members which built upon the original nine commitments and these will be shared within the next few weeks. They act as a reminder of why LCRIG was formed and what all members should be doing to support the ever-growing influence of the organisation.
The defined governance arrangements will significantly improve our communication channels and speed up the two-way flow of information as LCRIG continues to grow across the regions. I’d like to encourage all our members to make the contribution they can and would like to hear from those who might be prepared to take on a more active role in representing LCRIG at both a regional and national level. There are so many ways you can contribute – just ask, I look forward to hearing from you.