View from the top: Getting things done

The more immersed I become in LCRIG the more I truly understand the value of what was created all those years ago when the organisation was formed. You will have heard me refer to the LCRIG membership being made up of ‘practitioners’ or ‘doers’ as opposed to policy people and whilst many of us can operate on both sides I’m proud to belong to the former.

In my 40 years I have never witnessed such a group achieve so much over such a short period of time and that’s all been to do with the whole team rolling their sleeves up and getting on with the job.

It’s from this practitioner perspective that we have been debating social value lately and how beneficial the offering from the market can sometimes be. Whilst painting a village hall is a worthy cause we need to ask how much this contributes to dealing with the underlying issues that weigh heavy around the shoulders of local government. Homelessness, drugs, alcohol and mental health can overwhelm communities, families and individuals and have wider long term implications that are difficult to overcome.

Despite this, just because things are difficult, I’ve always said it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t tackle it. With this in mind we have pulled together a few like-minded individuals from the public and private sector to develop our thinking on the subject so if this is something you would like to be part of then please let me know.