6 January 2022 | Our Work

View from the top: Gearing up for 2022

Welcome to 2022 and the first publication of the LCRIG Insight this year.

I trust you have all managed to enjoy the break along with the festivities and have managed to spend some time with friends and loved ones. COVID is still causing disruption as we move into 2022 and once again our opportunities for face-to-face meetings will be limited, at least in the short term. Nonetheless, I believe there are some early signs that we are managing the pandemic more effectively which will hopefully give rise to the further release of restrictions/advice as the weeks go by.

Firstly, I should mention that Gill Butcher officially joined LCRIG this week as Events and Relationships Manager. Gill will be responsible for TTF activities, including managing the working groups and the conferences and events, with her first major project being the TTF conference in May. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge in organising events, and project management and will be a great asset to our LCRIG team. So, over the coming weeks many of you will come into contact with Gill and I’m sure you’ll want to join me in wishing Gill every success in her new role.

To get things underway in the new year, we are starting to look at the effectiveness of cold lay materials to better understand its properties and what the specification requirements should be. NY Highways are willing to host trials and Paul Boss (Chief Executive of RSTA) is looking to support this initiative which should result in us providing much needed guidance and advice to the LCRIG Membership about when and where to use cold lay materials.

Finally, in the next couple of weeks you should expect to receive a short survey from Susanne concerning the ongoing development of our DPS and your involvement would be much appreciated.

I’ll hope to touch base with many of you during 2022 but if you have any queries in the short term please don’t hesitate to get in touch.