1 December 2020

View from the top: Engagement matters

I’ve been in conversations with members old and new this week and I’m really encouraged to see them turning to LCRIG for a little bit of support. As an example, Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) has embarked on a major procurement exercise for a highways TMC Plus style contract for the two new unitary authorities that come into power next year to replace NCC.

They would greatly appreciate other members sharing their own experiences of similar arrangements that they have in place, or possibly even planning to put in place to help with their decision making process. At this time, they have a particular interest in their client-side contract management arrangements, and how they have been/will be configured to maximise their ability to lever both impact and value for money. Please let me know if you think you might be able to help.

It was also exciting to see some of our SMEs describing how their products and services could help clients to manage the highway asset more effectively. I was particularly intrigued with a new product called DASHA which is a cloud based data aggregation and presentation service which is capable of receiving, hosting, aggregating and displaying specified asset information from multiple internal and external sources.  Its outputs are specifically designed to be consumed by officers and councillors working in local highways authorities, so they can make better informed asset and network management decisions. I’m sure we will all see more of such innovative solutions in the near future.

Finally, as we move into December give some thought to your winter resilience and all the people involved in planning and delivering this service during these testing times.