23 June 2023 | Collaboration | Our Work

View from the top: Driving stronger collaboration

A few weeks ago, I told you about a new working alliance with LCRIG and National Highways along with the Institute of Collaborative Working.

Next week, we are meeting again to agree what building blocks we need to put in place to drive stronger collaboration across the whole of the highways sector. With David O’Neil (National Highways Supply Chain Director) representing the strategic road network and myself as CEO of LCRIG, our local road network, we will draw our supplier networks together in order to explore the many benefits that will undoubtedly become apparent as we share the fantastic knowledge that sits with each of these supply chains.

Many contractors and consultants work on both network types yet thus far we have not fully explored what benefits there might be as a result of our two organisations working more closely together. That said, Dr Joanna White, Roads Development Director for National Highways sits on our Infrastructure Innovation Board and she is a great advocate of us working more closely together, particularly in the innovation space.

What we are trying to achieve through this new collaborative effort, is to share the learning and expertise that sits, somewhat siloed, in the two supply chains, despite the fact that many of the task and activities are very similar, if not identical in nature. One area I know we will be able to explore with National Highways is the Roads Academy which David leads, as this has been a resounding success in developing leadership qualities amongst the supply chain designed to enhance the way in which the roads sector thinks, behaves and performs.

Whilst these are early days, my hope is that by collaborating between National Highways and local roads supply chains, companies can unlock synergies, optimise resources, and create a more efficient and effective overall transportation network with enhanced customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and improved sustainability across all suppliers in the highways sector.

As we develop our plans. we will look to engage key influencers in the supply chain to help us drive this collaborative effort and set the standard for others to follow. I’ll aim to update you all in due course.