18 November 2021 | Collaboration | Our Work

View from the top: DPS update announced 

During the course of this past week, I had the pleasure of joining the ADEPT Senior Leadership Team meeting to share with them the initiatives that LCRIG is currently pursuing which included updates on the training platform and the DPS. With regards to the DPS we are now ready to move onto the next stage of its development. This is the point where we want to firm up on the category listing in the DPS and we will do this by engaging with our Members. My initial thoughts are that we might be wise to somewhat follow the structure of the Method of Measurement which would see us including categories such as;

• Fencing
• Safety barriers
• Drainage
• Footway/cycleway maintenance
• Carriageway maintenance
• Green estate
• Traffic signs
• Street lighting
• Specialist pedestrian traffic management
• Street furniture

We could split each category into; ‘provision of material/product’ and ‘installation/maintenance of the asset’ in most instances. This would allow suppliers as well as contractors to access the DPS.

We would be aiming to attract manufacturers and service providers for small scale repairs – e.g. works values not exceeding £100k.  This could be a powerful tool for both clients and providers and a fantastic opportunity for local authorities to help their SME’s to gain access to a wider client base.

In the very near future we will form a DPS Working Group to provide the right type of steer to ensure this initiative becomes a national success.

So I need to understand two main things;

1. From a client perspective – do we need to add any new categories?
2. From our Associate members perspective – does this type of structure look appealing to you?

If you have any immediate views I’d be more than happy to hear from you, otherwise I’ll keep you posted with regular updates.